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Exotic Pets

Small two acre farm located in the San Francisco Bay Area raising a few, special Miniature Juliana Pet Pigs.  Juliana's are one of the smallest miniature pig breeds and most will mature to about 75 to 150 pounds full grown.  Pigs continue to grow for about 5 years.  They could be smaller or larger but most 100% purebred Julians fall under 100 pounds.  We breed for the health and happiness of the pigs and their new parents.  They are raised in our home and handled since birth.  Pigs are extremely loving and intelligent, ranking above dogs and cats and just below the dolphin and chimpanzee.  

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Juliana Piglets only for sale

We do not sell any other breed of pig, only 100% purebred Juliana Piglets are sold.

  •      Boys are neutered and Girls are spayed
  •       Registration paperwork (AMPA) pending           appvl
  •       Microchipped
  •      Vet checkup - proper vaccinations, mite prevention & deworming
  •       Weaned at appropriate age (no bottle feeding)
  •       Litter trained , handled, raised in the home
  •      Boys placed at 6-7 weeks of age
  •      Girls placed at 7-8 weeks of age

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A  Pet Pig is considered an Exotic Animal.  They are different than a dog or a cat.  They can live 10-15 years of age or more.  They are sensitive, loving, emotional beings and deserve a forever home for their entire lifetime .  Rehoming is hard for them; they are very loyal to their family.  Think carefully, do your research, be sure of what you want before you contact us.  Babies will require training, just like a puppy, it is just a different type of training.  Pet pigs are not allowed everywhere.  You need to check with your local zoning regulations to make sure you have approval to keep them.  They can be kept indoors in your home, outside in a barn with exercise area, or a combination of both.

  We are members of JPAR (Juliana     Pig Association & Registry )

Hobby Breeders of 100% purebred Juliana Miniature Pigs.  We also offer 75%-87.5% Juliana Mix Mini Pigs of different colors.

 We just have a few piglets available as Pets throughout the year.  Our babies come with:

The Juliana Miniature Pig is one of the smallest pigs.  They are originated from, France.  They are lean and musular with a straight back and no pot belly.  They have a long snout and resemble a feral pig.  They are very colorful and they have spots.  They were bred to work well with humans.

Their coat color can be white, silver, gray, apricot, or red and typically have black spots.

We will be happy to talk with you over the phone or through email to answer all of your questions and to educate you to pig ownership if you are not familiar with the responsibilities.

You may also come visit us by appointment and meet our pigs.

We will be asking you questions and have an open dialog to ensure our piglets will be placed in forever homes.